Mixed Public / Rescue pool of Vestfold, Norway

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This swimming pool is shared between public and rescue training use. Both purposes are not compatible in term of freeboard and filtration. Public pools are generally equipped with overflow filtration while rescue pools need a freeboard in order to make waves. A solution had then to be found in order to have freeboards during the training session and a classic flat overflow pool during public use.

The solution was removable freeboards made of stainless steel (pictures 1 and 3). Each part of the freeboard is 2 meter long and 30cm high. The height of 30cm will allow waves up to 45cm. In order to keep a good resonance in the pool for the waves, those freeboards must satisfy several points:

  • The anchoring must be completely rigid so the freeboards do not move: it is done by two tubes pushed in a hole and tighted with a screw (picture 2).
  • The freeboard plate in itself must be reinforced and can not bend when a wave hits it.
  • The joint with the part of freeboard just beside must be perfect (no gap).
  • When the freeboards are installed, the filtration has to be done by a 5mm gaps, not more, between the bottom of the removable freeboard and the beach.

Picture 1 : One of the stainless steel freeboard panel is removed



Picture 2 : Hole to maintain the freeboard

Picture 3 : One freeboard removed, pool side view


Another condition for this double public/rescue purpose was that the pool had to be free from the ball and from its electrical cabinet during the public use. In order to do that, the cable of the ball was equipped with a connector (picture 4). The electrical cabinet was placed behind the wall of the pool ( picture 5) with the power plug for the ball on the other side (beach side) (picture 6). A small bridge crane was also installed at one corner of the pool.


Picture 4 : Quick connector on the wall

Picture 5 : Electrical cabinet behind the wall of the pool

Picture 6 : Connector of the cable of the Wave Ball


However the Wave Ball was installed for the rescue trainings, it is also used for the public.


Picture 7 : Wave Ball is also used for the public