A Wave Ball on the canals of Bruges in Belgium

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For the edition of Bruges Triennal 2015, we had the opportunity to install a Wave Ball in one of the beautiful canals of Bruges, The Venice of the North.


What is the "Triennale" of Bruges?

The "Triennale" was created centred around the expansion issues of cities that become a Megapolis. The question was: “ Every year, five million tourists visit Bruges. What if they all decided to stay? “ From this social and environmental thinking, 18 international artists have created new works that can be discover through an artistic journey in the center of Bruges. These works allow thinking about the future and potential of the city, about urbanization, citizenship, lifestyle, community, economics, energy, space, sound, etc.




On this occasion, a work by the artist Romy Achituv is visible on the canals of Bruges. The artist aims to upset the calm waters of the city and show the tumult of city life. The project consists of a floating structure showing a traditional medieval residential building of Bruges that moves thanks to the waves created by the Wave Ball.



For more information about this Wave Ball artistic project, follow this link : http://gavaligai.com/Cataract-Gorge

This artwork is located in the “Dampoort - a small pool-shaped lock that used to be the commercial marine gateway of the historical city. It is accessible from the Wulpenstraat.

Waves are our passion. 

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