Public pool Aquarelle Saintes, France

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In addition to its several indoor pools, the aquatic centre “Aquarelle” of Saintes in France has a regular outdoor 25x12.5m pool which is connected by a wide passage to an adjacent fun pool. Most of the time, the rectangular pool is use for fun but it has to have its swimming lines free for swimming competitions also. The filtration of the pool is done through regular Wiesbaden channels.


Picture 1 : general view of the aquatic center « aquarelle » in the town of Saintes, France.


Filtration channels, wide entrance, mix fun/competition pool, all those elements are at first sight not ideal for the integration of a wave ball. However, thanks to a final configuration that proved itself, waves were spectacular and the project a real success.

In order to be able to easily free the pool from the Wave ball, a garage was built on one of the side of the pool. In order to be able to join the two position of the Wave Ball, the cable enters the pool by the bottom of the lateral wall close to the garage. The transfer of the wave ball from one position to the other is done by pulling or pushing the ball after that the elastic has been disconnected from its anchor. The length of the cable in the pool allows to make that movement easily.


Picture 2 : the garage of the Wave Ball

Picture 3 : the cable is entering the pool by the wall


The filtration had to be done by regular Wiesbaden channels. This was the choice of the architects and could not be changed. The problem is that the Wiesbaden channels are very bad for the resonance as the “non-flatness” of the wall absorb all the reflection of the wave.

The only way to keep a good resonance in the pool was to minimize the total length of channel. The resulting length is then spread in several small parts of channels placed along the two lengths of the pool. Those small part of filtration channels had also to be placed following the computer simulation in order to be on a nodal point of the waves, where is has a minimum impact on the wave.


Picture 4

Picture 5 : the filtration channels are spreade along the perimeter of the pool following the results of the simulation

They wanted to keep a wide passage to the fun area, unfortunately, that wide entrance is also a huge resonance eater as there is no reflections of the waves at that place. The filtration channels and the wide passage made that the Wave Ball model had to be over dimensioned. From the W150F we decided to go with a W165F.


Picture 6 : despite all the « resonance absorber » elements, the project is a real success