Aquatic center of Termálfürdo, Hungary

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The goal of this project was to make waves in only one part of a big pool. The first drawing the client sent us only mentioned a wave zone without any separation wall. The Wave Balls are working thanks to the resonance and need a separation wall that will reflect the waves and keep all the energy produced by the ball in the wave area. We suggested to add a reflection wall that would define a wave zone of about 220m², ideal for a W150FL.


Picture 1 : initial shape provided by the client

Picture 2 : proposal of a reflection wall (in red)

 Now that the final shape is decided, we can do the computer simulation in order to define the frequencies of resonance of the pool and chose the ideal working place of the Wave Ball.


Picture 3 : integration of the Wave Ball following the results of the computer simulation


The Wave Ball W150FL needs at least 1.4m of water in a radius of 3m around the anchor of the ball but, the depth of the pool that the client suggested was 1.2m. In order to reach 1.4m, it was decided to dig the bottom of the pool 20cm deeper but only for 3m around the anchor.


Picture 4 : zone of 6 meters of diameter is dig to a depth of 1.4m

In order to keep a sight on the beach from the pool and reversely, the freeboards have been built in Plexiglas. A thin gap line of 5mm between the top of the wall and the bottom of the Plexiglas allow the passage of the water to an overflow filtration channel.


Picture 5 : Plexiglas in the exact continuation of the wall. A gap line of 5mm let a passage for the filtration

Picture 6 : Water goes to the overflow channel through a 5mm gap line


The electrical configuration is very simple; the cable leaves the pool by the cable inlet and joins the electrical cabinet on the beach thanks to a pipe.


Picture 7 : Electrical configuration that has been used



Picture 8 : the aquatic center opened in summer 2009