Retrofit project in Calirayat Resort

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Type of case study: Wave system installation in a traditional rectangular pool with the wave Ball.


• Target: 60 cm of wave height
• Water area: 388  m²
• Wave ball model: W150FL
• Dpth : 140cm
• Height of freeboard : 40 cm
• Type of installation : Passage de câble sur le franc bord
• Sector : Hotels & Resorts
• Location: Lumban Caliraya, Philippines


Following the popularity of the Wave Ball in the Philippines, our distributor Wavetech in charge of Phillipens projects was contacted by the hotel Caliraya Resort - Lumbang (Philippines). The first customer wish is quite simple, he would give life to its traditional rectangular pool with waves. This type of pool is less and less attractive for hotels and water park with its classic look. This type of adaptation for existing pool is clearly convenient for the  teams of WOW Company and the Wave Ball is an ideal option for several reasons:


• All wave generators cannot be used in existing pools unlike the Wave Ball which allows to quickly and cheaply create wave pools in basin already built.

• The cost of rehabilitation work to run our Wave Ball is minimal and does not require soundproof infrastructure or room dedicated to the installation.

• The construction time is very limited for a quick reopening of the basin.

• With the principle of action-reaction and resonance, rectangular pools are one of the ideal shapes for the working of the Wave Ball.


Initial aspect of the pool



The only concern was that the side walls of the pool did not had a flat freeboard high enough. They started to transform the pool by raising the freeboard to 0.4m, and in the same time, transformed the channel filtration into a skimmer filtration which does not break (reduce) the resonance. In order to make the work easier, they did not want to put any cable inlet in the pool. The cable is leaving the pool by a hole on the freeboard.



Modification to the freeboards


Cable entry

Wave Ball installation


As the pool was perfectly simetric and rectangular, it was chose to put the ball in the center.

Now clients can have fun with waves upto  60cm high, and that, the whole day long.


Wave Ball - Wave machine in Caliraya Swimming pool

Wave Pool - General implentation of the pool