Artificial wave generators

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The WOW wave generators base their working on resonance. They don’t need much energy and are easy to use. However, they are dependent on the pool characteristics and therefore a favorable environment to their proper functioning: the freeboards allow resonance and the lack of power loss in the pool.


Their optimal working is managed by a set of computer tools developed by WOW. These tools allow a real-time adaptation of the environment changes (number of swimmers in the pool etc…). The Wave ball or the Wavolution are more suitable for large superficies of pools, a preliminary study of the pool is then necessary to establish the most suitable technical constraints and expectations of the customer (type and height of the waves ...)


The Wave Ball is part of the equipment pool, which, as well as slides, is highly appreciated by young and old. It is ideal for facilitating new or existing public pools, aqua parks, Resorts and Campsites, wellness centers and sea rescue training centers.


It presents itself as a polyester sphere floating on the water, which generates completely secure and controlled artificial waves stationary deviation (swell) very reassuring for younger. Several programs are available from the slowest mode, for relaxation, to the most agitated mode to allow amateurs to have fun by climbing on the ball during an exciting aquatic rodeo.


The Wave Ball is a fantastic fun element that increases the popularity of equipped swimming pools (30-50 % additional public). It can be customized and integrated into an existing pool or in a specially designed pool recommended by WOW engineers. From a slight undulation to powerful waves of the open sea, the Wave Ball gives life to your pool! It transforms calm water into a raging ocean in a few seconds only!


WOW also combined various technologies from its generators to create tailor-made solutions: