Aquatic center of Krakow, Poland

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The aquatic centre of Krakow is an indoor centre that already has a lot of amusement accessories such as slides, lazy river, Jacuzzi bathtubs etc… The only attraction they did not have was a wave pool.

As it is a indoor centre, the space was limited and they had to choose one area to transform it into a wave pool.


Picture 1 : the swimming pool that will be transformed in a wave pool

As this centre is opened the whole year, they only had one week to do the whole transformation during the dry annual maintenance period.

They decided to transform the widest pool by building some walls and blocking some passages. The first drawing that they sent was corrected by WOW in order to maximize the resonance effect.


Picture 2 : the drawing sent by the client

Picture 3 : the proposal of the shape by WOW

The wave ball modes that was chosen was the W150FL.Considering only the surface of the water, the wave ball adapted for that pool would have been the W130F. But, the W130F needs a minimal depth of 1.6m and the pool was only 1.4m deep. Thus, it was decided to go with the model above, the W150FL which has a working depth of only 1.4m.

Once the final shape was decided, the computer simulation was done in order to find the ideal working point of the ball.


Picture 4 : drawing of the integration of the Wave Ball with the ideal working point

 The electrical configuration was chosen for its simplicity, the cable goes directly through the slab of the pool to the technical room. The water tightness is done thanks to a “water tightness kit” provided by WOW.


Picture 5 : electrical configuration representing the path of the cable

The transformation started as predicted and in one week, everything was ready for the opening. The first clients could enjoy the waves.



Picture 6 : building of the walls

Picture 7 : drilling of the passage for the cable

Picture 8 : water tightness of the cable

picture 9 : ball is ready, the filling of the pool started

Picture 10 : customers enjoying the waves